It’s probably fair to say that you are reading this because you want to either improve your speaking skills generally or you have a particular event coming up for which you need to prepare and at which you want to do better than simply survive the experience – you aim to excel expectations with an excellent speech or presentation!

You are in the right place. 

Our research and experience shows that successful speeches and presentations have three vital components. We call it the KSC Principle. 

  • Knowledge - awareness of related communications theoretical perspectives 
  • Skills - an expansive and flexible communication skill-set and
  • Context - an understanding of the context within which the speech or presentation takes place.

We know that learning skills alone is not enough to be an effective speaker.  Nor is one theoretical perspective more important than another. 

It is the ability to use your knowledge and to adapt your skills to suit each different event which enables success – time after time.

We also believe that there are profound differences between giving a presentation and making a speech.

‘Speeches’ have much greater flexibility and can be used in many ways and for different purposes such as formal or social events, political rallies or national fora,  to say ‘thank you’ or wish the happy couple well after their marriage or partnership ceremony.  The list is almost endless.  

‘Presentations’ can only be used effectively for limited number of purposes, even though they are used most frequently and we feel most familiar with them. They feel comfortable and familiar because they are low risk, carefully managed and have little scope for spontaneity or moving ‘off script’.

The skills of speaking are the same but the ways in which they need to be applied are very different.

This is why our programmes are separated so that you can attend the one which most suits your requirements.  If you want individual coaching, which can be done by Skype, we have that too.

At Academically Speaking we believe passionately in the power of speech in all of its forms and the potential of everyone to communicate effectively.

Our Mission... 

to help you give the best and most effective presentations and make the most memorable speeches whatever the occasion.